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"This wasn’t supposed to happen but it happened anyway" pretty much happens whenever I and Faun do character relationships

This is me and Kali too.

Last night in Orr, Krit got ran over by a Risen Conga Line.

Even after they’d parted ways, she to check on her animal companions, and he to whatever business he needed to attend to, Aynwil was still smiling.  It really was good to see more of him again.

Some screenshots from an RP last night!

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Progression of Aynwil…first as the complete joke character I made and just slapped a name on, second one being my first serious try at making a Sylvari character…then I remade her with less brown and more green in her markings, and more of a richer brown as the main color.  Last one is, of course, Aynwil as she is today!

I think I really prefer the look I decided on in the end.

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In which Trahearne has a very private moment.

Today we discovered the Trahearne has a body double/twin/clone thing.

And also that we really like Malyck.

My new charr is a gorgeous baby and  no one can tell me different.